OneWorld School

Philosophy & Mission

OneWorld School managed by OneWorld Vidyanirmaan Trust, Vadodara, is one of the most prestigious primary schools in the city.

Our School's MISSION

  • To promote positive spirit of 'Borderless-World' amongst young minds
  • To cultivate sense of deep self-knowledge, self-confidence and self-pride in each child, thereby, building their character and positive attitude.
  • Moral values, ethics and global vision are essentially taught to the child along with regular academics.
  • Each child is given excellence in academics, enough opportunities to identify his/her own inner skills and areas of interest, and is guided such that he/she realize his/her dream/goal/career.

Our School's Core Philosophy

  • Technology is promoted, used and implemented but NOT EXCESSIVELY.
  • Equal or more importance is given to multi-culture-based and traditional educational systems.
  • From Junior to Upper PRIMARY grades, it is completely an ATTITUDE-BUILDING SYSTEM.
  • We aim to develop young girls and boys with active and creative minds. We lay strong emphasis on the total development of each child, which is spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical.
  • We believe that each child is special and has her own finest quality and learning ability. Therefore, we seek to provide a learning environment which is positive, supportive yet challenging, thus allowing our students to achieve their personal best.
  • Our school philosophy is to enable educators, parents and members of community to unite in our efforts to emperor our students to become lifelong learners, productive citizens and community leaders. We strive to inculcate the right values to be perseverant and futurist.
  • Students are NOT made MARK SCORERS but are MADE good MANAGERS.
  • Promotion of MULTI-FAITH / religion is promoted such that the child understands the importance of each religion and true secularism.
  • Each morning, before the start of regular studies, atleast 10 minutes of understanding these cultures and religions are given to students. Each one prays to ALL.
  • False customs & Wrong beliefs are removed from young minds. Students are given truly GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE and the sense of religious tolerance.
  • Spirituality, that is, "aadhyatmiktaa" is promoted.
  • Care is taken that discipline is NOT IMPOSED upon, and more than that, SELF-DISCIPLINE is highly promoted in the school. That is, students are well explained the importance of self-control and self-discipline in their lives. Students are not criticized and shouted at when they do anything wrong, but are counselled.

For admission into any of our program, the parents need to VISIT our school office personally after taking the appointment.

  7878-60-8288 or 98240-244-88

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