OneWorld School

Child Safety Initiatives

At OneWorld School – Primary Section, “Child Safety & Hygiene” have always been our PRIME concern. Any repair/renovation/maintenance work on the school premises is either carried out after school hours or during the vacation period.

Health and Hygiene Initiatives

  • Every day, entire school premises, including library area, windows, doors, tables & staircase railing are wet wiped using disinfection spray containing Anti-Septic liquids.
  • The school has a well-stocked First-Aid Box as well as access to a family doctor and a surgeon within 100 meters of the school to handle any emergency.
  • The school’s underground and overhead water-tanks are cleaned every 3 months.
  • In addition to the regular daily sweeping and swabbing, all classrooms are washed and cleaned every month. Over and above this, mosquito repellents are sprayed in every classroom & all other rooms of the school everyday once the school gets over by afternoon, after the cleaning process.
  • The school’s bathrooms are mopped every hour during school hours to ensure they are dry & clean.
  • Special Care is taken of children who have food restrictions due to health reasons.  The school also keeps track of any medicinal allergies that the child may be suffering from.
  • Children are made to wash their hands with PH Balanced liquid hand wash before (and after) having snacks.

General Safety Initiatives

  • The entire school campus is under 24/7 CCTV surveillance and equipped with high-quality cameras.
  • Fully operational Fire-safety equipment installed on school premises. Every teacher and staff member is trained to operate the Fire Safety System.
  • Entire school’s electrification is done using the highest quality wires.  Enhanced protection is provided through installation on MCB switches.
  • All children are handed over by the class-teacher to the Parent/Van Driver.In case, anyone else, other than the regular person coming to pick the child, comes to take the child after school, the child is not handed over until the school personally calls up the parent and confirms.
  • Presence of the school’s staff at the school gates when the school leaves for the day.
  • No class teacher leaves until all her class children have gone home.In case a child is not picked up on time after school, the teacher will call up the parent/van-driver to know the status.
  • Children are discouraged from wearing jewellery / hand & hair fancy accessories to school as it is dangerous while they are playing on the play equipment.

For admission into any of our program, the parents need to VISIT our school office personally after taking the appointment.

  7878-60-8288 or 98240-244-88

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