OneWorld School

Our Highlights

At OneWorld School – Primary Section, our teachers ensure that the “I am i" curriculum strictly follows three specific elements: Hand-Head-Heart!

  • HAND: 98% of the brain develops in the first 6 years and thus young kids love to touch everything, in fact they use their 5 senses in learning. To help make brain connections, learning at OneWorld School – Primary Section is about the basic stimulation involved. Hence, hands-on-stimulation, the first element in the “I am i" curriculum, becomes the thrust of the entire learning process in our preschool.
  • HEAD: Why? Is the favourite word of young kids, this is because their neurons are connecting at a break neck speed and curiosity becomes the key to keep these neurons connected. So at OneWorld School – Primary Section, we do not believe that ‘curiosity killed the cat’, in fact, we believe that curiosity helps create brighter brains. So we allow kids to question and in fact motivate them to wonder.
  • HEART: The goal of all education is about using knowledge to make the world a better place. When the head thinks, the heart understands and implements. At OneWorld School – Primary Section, we know that it is EQ that will make kids successful individuals & so, all learning culminates into doing, practicing and creating stress free environments for kids. Teachers & parents partner to understand that children have a strong desire to explore, question and manipulate. Nurturing this desire sets the stage for future learning & leads to clarification and understanding, the very foundation of life-long learning.

Parents Participation Programme

We believe that nurturing our PRIMARY SCHOOL’s students requires a sound partnership between the school and the home. Therefore, we have created a unique school-home partnership programme. As a ONEWORLD Parent, you shall be a part of synergy and you shall be invited to attend various parent participation programmes, parenting workshops, performances, parent & grandparent volunteer opportunities etc. thereby, not only enhancing your parenting skills but also giving you an opportunity to send a message to your child that his / her life is important to you.

For admission into any of our program, the parents need to VISIT our school office personally after taking the appointment.

  7878-60-8288 or 98240-244-88

Admission request